All these items have been consigned since sale bill printing!

1-Case 2390 Tractor w/ 5500 loader

1-JD 3010 Tractor

1-1980 Mack Truck

1-1962 Chevrolet Wheat Truck

1-2010 Ford F150 4x4, 198K miles

1-JD 12' Tandem Disc

1-Oilver 4 Bottom Drag Type Plow

1-12' Bumper Pull Stock Trailer

1-JD 7000 Planter, 4 row w/ markers

1-JD 400 Rotary Hoe

4-20.8-38 18" Rim Tractor Tires

1-1962 Chev Wheat Truck

1-500 Gallon Tank

1-Spray Trailer Chassis

1-Two Bottom Moldboard

1-Antique Disc


1-Pickup Bed Trailer

1-JD 1010 37' Cultivator

1-12' Utility Trailer, single axle

1-3C Creep Feeder, new tires

1-14' Scraper

1-EZ Flow Gravity Wagon w/ hyd auger

1-8' Shredder

1-JD 8350 20-8 Drill w/ tarp

1-JD 2240 Tractor & Loader

1-Bluestem Harvester

1-Gyro 6' Shredder

2-Sets Hay Forks

1-Dirt Slip

1-Skid Sprayer

1-Big 12 Boll Buggy

1-4' Ranchers Pride Feeder

1-Single Horse Trailer

1-Gooseneck Hay Trailer

1-44' Javorsky Cultivator

1-Bestway Field Pro 4 Sprayer, 1000 Gal, 60' boom

1-MF 175 Tractor

1-Stalk Cutter

1-Rotary Hoe

1-5 Shank Big Ox

1-Square Tank

1-Diesel Barrel & Pickup Bed Trailer

1-Utility Trailer

5-Truck Tires (4 on wheels)

2-Tractor Tires

4-16" Chev Wheels - 6 lug

1-Power Washer

1-24' x 7' Cotton Trailer

1-Hyd Bale Spike

2-Rolls Barb Wire, new

1-HD Flatbed

1-Tractor Supply Sidebed Tool Box

1-Hyd Lift Tailgate

1-Lg Lot Horse Wire

1-Sm Steel Hog Trough & Cutting Stand

2-Steel Bridle & Rope Wall Racks

1-5 Roll Steel Pickup Fence Unroller

1-Weatherguard Pickup Bed Ladder & Rack

1-Lg Steel Sheep or Hog Bed Rack

2-300 Gallon Water Tanks

1-Two Bottom Plow , 3 pt

NOTE:  The 2008 Yamaha Rhino Sport 700 has been removed from the auction